Welcome to COUNTY HYGIENE OPTIONS, We are committed to Clean and Healthy environments.

County Hygiene Options (CHO) is registered in the Republic of Kenya.


County Hygiene Options (CHO) has vast managerial and operational experience in provision of cleaning, hygiene and other support services both in the living and work places.
We believe in making the process of delivery of these services more passionate and less complex. We believe in producing excellent and satisfying services.

Our Experience

We have served hundreds of clients on contract and ad hoc basis for a period exceeding ten (10) years.

Quality Services

We do provide cleaning and maintenance services ranging from office, commercial, industrial to domestic services. Our vast experience, coupled with our desire to continuous innovation marks us out for unique quality and excellence. Our professional and experienced operatives do the job right the first time.


We are proficient and possess hands-on experience in the business lines as here below:-

  • Comprehensive Cleaning and Maintenance solutions (total cleaning approach).
  • Pest control and management services.
  • Labour services provision (skilled and semi-skilled) including messenger services.
  • Cleaning and other hygiene consumables and equipment supply.
  • Office support services and consultation on many aspects of office operations.
  • Handyman services like installation, repairs and maintenance of equipments in offices and homes.
  • Sub-contracting of services and provisions.
  • Environmental services like office indoor plants, gardening, landscaping among others.
  • Below-the-line and experiential marketing support services.
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We provide complete commercial and industrial cleaning, paired with customised soft hygiene services management. Our cleaning services are delivered by professional and supervised staff, using world-class cleaning equipment and successful sanitation chemicals.

Contract Cleaning

In this arrangement cleaning operatives report at and work constantly from the client’s duty station and follow the client’s work format/style and time plans. We develop work plans and checklists in consultation with the client representative. We draw and execute a Service Agreement with the client once negotiations are completed and a letter of offer is issued. There is always a supervisor who oversee the execution of the contract, feedback CHO and site manage the cleaning operatives.

General Cleaning

Mostly this function is ad hoc, or one off. A prospective client makes contact with us and we agree on the extent of works and terms of service. In the workplaces we accept Purchasing Order(s) to begin works. In residential places, we are paid upfront and/or a commitment to pay once work is executed is obtained. Generally the works may encompass whole house cleaning, de-staining of ceramics, enamel surfaces in wash-rooms and kitchen sinks.

  • General Cleaning

Periodic Cleaning

This involves planned works to be done weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and/or yearly. It may fall under the main contract or annexed or agreed to verbally. It encompasses Carpet cleaning, whole house dust down (spring cleaning), Settees and chairs shampooing, car upholstery detailing, floor scrubbing and burnishing, window blinds and drapery cleaning, etc.


We offer the most efficacious, most competitively rated pest control services that are guaranteed to yield highest results and give value of money to the client. We provide pest control solutions against all flying and crawling insects, the rodents and all other public health pests (Snakes, reptiles, etc.). We shall guarantee to return money paid if these pests are not completely eradicated: Bedbugs and Cockroaches

Flying and Crawling Insects

-We apply pyrethroid or organophosphatic insecticide sprays treatments which have mild odour thus being suitable for living and work places. -The spray treatment is certified by and procured from premier suppliers and administered with care The sprays are unlikely to cause harmful effects under normal conditions of handling and use. -There are no long term risks to man associated with the normal handling and use of these formulations Note: We use different indoor and outdoor formulations when controlling the insects

Cockroaches (Cockroach gel bait)

- Extra treatment for the control of cockroaches in homes. - Effectively kills cockroaches because it is attractive and palatable to cockroaches - Long acting formula, economical and it is odourless and relies less on aerosol insecticides -suitable for offices, hospitals, cooking areas, food industry, airplane, hotel industry - Class of chemical is a neonicotinoid which act on the central nervous system of insects with much lower toxicity to mammals

  • Cockroach gel bait

Rodent control

-Control against rat and mices -We use mouse traps (physical) and rodenticides (chemical) or both -Rodenticide (active ingredient: indomethacin or difenacoum) which is anticoagulant - Can deliver the rodenticide in bowls or inside the traps -Rodents die within 10 days and mummifies (does not rot or emit foul odour) - For environmental concerns we prefer to use cereal grains in the traps to minimize use of chemicals -Rodenticides can be highly toxic to humans if ingested so strict procedure adherence and awareness is proposed.


We provide standardized office support services.

  • Labour services provision (skilled and semi-skilled) – We provide trained contract and/or reliever persons.
  • Cleaning (and other hygiene) consumables and equipment supply – We supplies all the consumables and other hardware.
  • Office supplies, repairs and interior design support – We supply and install almost all the office fittings. We also do execute necessary repairs and replacements.

  • Support services (and other interior products) in offices and homes – We supply draperies, signage and other technical and non-technical supplies.
  • Sub-contracting of services and provisions – We liaise with the leading technical firms and or suppliers to offer the client a one stop shop for products and services. It affords our clients time to concentrate on their core business.

  • Office support services


We're happy to customize a cleaning plan to suit your specific needs, or add special instructions whenever you need that something extra. This is a very competitive business, and we work hard to offer you the highest level of service at the most affordable prices.




Timely Services


Service Level




  • Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Services Clients:
    Nokia Solutions Networks
    Siemens (PTY) Ltd
    Kul Graphics Ltd
    Nyadwe Insurance Brokers
  • Pest Control Management

    Pest Control Management Clients:
    Siemens (PTY) Ltd
    Nokia Solutions Networks
    Kiragu & Mwangi Property Mgrs
    Nyadwe Insurance Brokers
  • Office Support Services

    Office Support Services Clients:
    Schindler Limited
    Siemens (PTY) Ltd
    Kul Graphics Ltd
    Nyadwe Insurance Brokers



  • Safety and Health

CHO work execution programs and plans give priority to the safety of the operatives, supervisors, company, our client personnel and the client welfare. Our primary responsibility is to anticipate, create awareness on and surmount any objects or operation that might present hazards and risks. Our agents are presented in trendy, branded uniform and wear Personal Protective Equipment for their safety.

  • Environmental Care

We have gone Green. In our operations, environmental conservation and awareness thereof is a very key factor. We optimize the application of chemicals and other reagents and their subsequent disposal so as to reduce the potential harm to our environment. Where we use machines running on power, we optimize the running time so as to keep power use to the minimum.

  • Environmental Care

We have gone Green. Whereas we work in offices, our operatives are alert for energy consuming outlets that may be running but unused and we ask for permission to keep them off. We do also make use of water in a minimized manner. We also look for opportunities to recycle whatever waste (if it is safe to).

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